3D Virtual Heritage of Montenegro

Batery Jaz (Fortress Mogren)

Mogren Fortress (it’s also Jaz troop) was built in 1860 by the ruling at the time Austro-Hungarians to defend the western borders of Budva. The fortress was a powerful fortification of almost rectangular shape with high walls and towers at the corners. With its help, troops took control of all the approaches to the city, including the sea.

Since the fortress was involved in the two world wars, some objects have been completed at that time. For example, during the Second World War, the fortress was used as a warehouse of weapons and ammunition. To this day only walls of the fortresses and bunkers are preserved, which are poorly visible from the road because of the dense vegetation.

The fortress is located on a promontory Mogren between the beaches Mogren and Jaz just a kilometer from the town of Budva and it offers a great panoramic view of the entire western coast of Budva Riviera.



Baterija Jaz (Tvrđava Mogren) / Animacija 1